Christian Ponder Engaged to Samantha Steele: 10 Reasons He’s a Lucky Man

With his Minnesota Vikings a surprising , quarterback Christian Ponder has plenty to brag about. I’ve got bragging rights, I believe. The year-old signal-caller met Steele on the set of “College GameDay” a few months ago, and the two have kept their relationship quiet until now. After a tweet sent by Ponder fueled speculation that the two were dating, the Vikings QB finally confirmed suspicions. The fact that it’s such big news came as a bit of a surprise to Ponder, but it’s to be expected when you’re an NFL quarterback. You’ve got to try to keep it private, but that’s just part of the industry, part of the job.

Ponder confirms: He’s dating ESPN reporter

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The news got out when Ponder eluded to the fact on Twitter recently, but he confirmed it in person Friday. Yeah, I out-punted my coverage for sure.

And yes, this IS a pretty random story for a Friday afternoon. But hey Sam Steele seems pretty great, and Christian Ponder seems okay, too.

ESPN reporter Samantha Steele is dating Vikings QB Christian Ponder. Is she to blame for his struggles? (Photo: Kevin Jairaj, US Presswire).

Anyone who follows Samantha Ponder on Twitter knows she can be glib and has a sense of humor, attributes her husband seems less inclined to display. I talked with Samantha Ponder on Monday about her relationship with her husband and its impact on her life and career. I pretty much knew immediately. It all happened really fast. SP: He started sending me messages on Twitter. This is weird. Nothing creepy, but that was our original connection.

Our version of Christian Mingle was on Twitter. SP: This is last year. We were engaged by December. It was a fast process. The last year of my life, everything changed. My job changed. I moved.

Ponder has ‘bragging rights’ dating Steele

Busted Coverage , the sexy swag detectives of the Internets, may have uncovered a budding romance, or merely a fun little friendship. There is plenty of smoke here, especially considering this is the same website that broke the conundrum of Bryce Harper’s girlfriend , uncovering the BYU soccer player who stole the slugger’s heart. As for the year-old quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, he was rather chatty about the year-old ESPN personality on Twitter. Here is an interesting question posed to the quarterback on Twitter.

Christian Ponder Was Dating Samantha Steele When the Vikings Samantha Steele &.

Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo’s Terms and Privacy Policy. You’ve got to try to keep it private, but that’s just part of the industry, part of the job. I don’t know. Comes with the territory. Ribbing from teammates also comes with the territory. According to Pelisserio, tight end Kyle Rudolph and other teammates have taken to referring to Ponder as “Christian Steele,” but that hasn’t phased Ponder, the No.

I’ve got bragging rights, I believe. Ponder initially revealed the existence of a relationship when he sent and quickly deleted a tweet to Steele, who was with him at the time. Ponder also sent a tweet to Steele on Oct. With Ponder focused on his NFL career, and the year-0ld Steele often on the road for her job, the year-old Ponder suggested that their busy, but synchronized schedules could be a plus for the longevity of their now public relationship.

Then we kind of have the same schedule in the offseason, so that’ll be good. Fantasy football advice on Yahoo! Other popular content on the Yahoo!

Hot Clicks: Vikings’ QB Christian Ponder dating ESPN’s Samantha Steele

By Post Staff Report. Christian Ponder is not letting his private life interrupt his solid play as the Vikings quarterback — or his sense of humor. Ponder revealed in mid-October that he was dating ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele, and it has been a source of public comedy within the Vikings locker room ever since. He bounced back with a nice win on Sunday, beating the Lions, Ponder went for with yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. Afterward, his wit was sharp as ever.

The possibility that Minnesota Vikings second-year quarterback Christian Ponder and ESPN sideline reporter/host Samantha Steele was.

Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is getting it done on and off the field. Obviously, Steele is stunning, so it’s only natural that Ponder, who has led Minnesota to a record, is impressed with himself. Anyway, in case you missed it last night, the 49ers had a seven-point lead on the Seahawks in a game where the opening line was anywhere between seven and nine depending on where and when you bet it. With less than a minute to play in the game, the Seahawks were flagged for a chop-block in the end zone, which resulted in a safety for the Niners.

That gave a win to those who wagered on the Seahawks. Just a classic, classic gambling story.

Christian Ponder Says He’s Dating ESPN’s Samantha Steele

She confirms she is engaged to VikingsFootball quarterback Christian Ponder. The engagement was a pretty agile move for the Vikings quarterback, who previously told news sources he and Steele had only been dating since the beginning of the season. But we can see what the rush was all about—Samantha Steele is a catch for any man out there, NFL quarterbacks included.

Prior to their engagement, Ponder was asked by members of the media if his relationship with Steele was to blame for a recent spell of poor performance by the quarterback.

That’s what we have confirmed after learning Friday that Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is dating ESPN college football sideline reporter.

Christian Ponder’ s declaration that “Football is my girlfriend” didn’t last very long. I read that on Rick Kupchella ‘s Bringmethenews. They were acting very much like a couple — very friendly, laughing. For whatever it is worth,” wrote Ross. She’s good-looking, and he’s tall and good-looking,” Ross said when we talked Saturday.

Ross had no idea who Steele was until he read my Thursday column item mentioning her. I’ve got bragging rights. Ponder also sent Steele a tweet that read ‘hello,’ but quickly deleted it. Not as smooth. The hectic schedules of pro football and college football could make this romance a challenge, wrote Chase. But perception is key. You know how people get with female sideline reporters, especially ones who look like Steele.

Christian Ponder confirms he is dating ESPN reporter Samantha Steele (Pictures)

A fan asked Ponder whether he was dating Steele and Ponder replied that he was. This is far from solid confirmation; you could ask 1, ESPN viewers whether they were dating the attractive year-old reporter and at least would reply in the affirmative. Ponder later responded and found it funny that his personal life was in the news.

Samantha and Christian Ponder — a prominent ESPN reporter and an Dating After Christian Started Sending Samantha Twitter Messages.

It appears a high profile pairing between an NFL quarterback and an attractive ESPN personality is the real deal, after speculation over the past few days that said stars were an item. Courtesy of some tweets between the two that contained some veiled allusions to the chance Ponder and Steele were dating, BC surmised that it could indicate the two were more than friends. Well, Ponder responded to a seemingly innocuous tweet Thursday afternoon from a follower that essentially let the cat out of the proverbial bag.

Some fella named Michael Fesker first raised his suspicion that Ponder and Steele were dating courtesy of a tweet on Oct. Always tweeting at each other. If not, they should. To which, once again, Ponder engaged on Twitter, but this time, a seemingly definitive response was offered up by the Vikings signal-caller:. Congrats to both Ponder and Steele over their apparent coupling, although it is a departure from what Ponder told Twin Cities gossip columnist C. Heck, Ponder is even tremendously pleased with his good fortune:.

Yeah, from avoiding a sophomore slump to establishing himself as an upcoming legitimate NFL quarterback by leading a Vikings team to a record when no one gave the squad a chance this season to and add all that to dating Samantha Steele? Categories NFL. Jason Rowan. Holy crap, this kid goes absolutely nuts after Thaddeus Young dunk video. Vikings LB Cameron Smith underwent successful open-heart surgery.

C.J.: Ponder’s girlfriend? Not just football anymore

A fan asked Ponder whether he was dating Steele and Ponder replied that he was. This is far from solid confirmation; you could ask 1, ESPN viewers whether they were dating the attractive year-old reporter and at least would reply in the affirmative. Ponder later responded and found it funny that his personal life was in the news. You’ve got to try to keep it private, but that’s just part of the industry, part of the job.

We told you in today’s A.M. Hot Clicks that Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is dating ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele. Ponder.

After Oregon wide receiver Bralon Addison scored a touchdown, offensive lineman Nick Cody hoisted him up so the duo could recreate Leo and Kate in Titanic. I made that up, but maybe that’s what they were going for. I quickly learned on Twitter that this move is not new. Michigan lineman Taylor Lewan gives quarterback Denard Robinson a lift before every game. Vincent Jackson did the same for Darren Sproles when they were teammates with the Chargers.

And I got a tweet from former Wake Forest senior offensive lineman Michael Hoag , who sent me a pic of himself pulling off the move. We told you in today’s A.

NFL QB brags about dating ESPN reporter

We all know the quarterback always gets the girl, and now that Christian Ponder has become a successful NFL starter it appears he has joined the ranks. Recent rumors have indicated that Ponder is dating ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele , and Christian did us all a favor by confirming those rumors on his Twitter account Thursday afternoon. When a follower asked if Ponder and Steele were dating, Ponder himself responded by saying that they are.

He also followed it up with this gem:.

Ponder married ESPN reporter Samantha Steele on December 17, Christian Ponder dating history,,, list of Christian Ponder relationships.

Sports Producer Bruce Carey offered her a job as sideline reporter for the Liberty Flames sports television network. After a brief courtship, she married then- Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Christian Ponder , on December 17, , in Hudson, Wisconsin. Ponder is a Christian. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American sportscaster. Phoenix, Arizona. December 19, Archived from the original on November 4,

Christian Ponder: Samantha Steele of ESPN and I are dating

ESPN’s new college football sideline reporter Samantha Steele has made quite the impression in her first year after being called up to the mothership from Longhorn Network. Steele does the reporting on Thursday Night Football and also got the prime position of hosting the first hour of College GameDay, replacing Erin Andrews, and contributing to the pregame show. In fact, because of her stunning looks, good sense of humor, and ability to throw the football better than Mark Sanchez , she may have done the impossible and surpassed Erin Andrews as every American college kid’s dream.

Christian Ponder confirmed that he has been dating ESPN college football reporter Samantha Steele for a little over a month, saying he.

And we are listening. Ponder was not welcoming them to the family. She was calling out their history of wildly inappropriate and offensive behavior—towards her. Comments attacked her looks, her past mistakes, and analyzed many of her recent viewpoints in an attempt to show her hypocrisy. Ponder did not back down. Instead, she used this platform, to preach the gospel.

And she preached it to the army of social media minions looking to dig up any dirt on her possible. In a four-part tweet, Ponder had this to say:. A gossip. This is my story. My testimony. Many times, actually.

Samantha Ponder