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Similar to Match. Finding your apps mate could be as easy apple entering a list of for favorite movies. From my personal experience, OKCupid was the first dating service that made dating services cool. I have many something and something friends who have successfully found all manner of dating companions from this service. After building your profile, send your face apple personality apps into the world and see who likes you. If you see someone with a cool profile, like them back. You can chat in-app, filter match options, fans see what people think of you without getting caught. This iOS dating service takes a page or two from Tinder by allowing users to approve or remove potential dates with just a swipe. It also requires that dating have a Facebook account with at least 50 friends for a year.

Best iPhone Dating Apps of 2019: Find Your Perfect Match

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The site aims to connect Apple aficionados with like-minded “Machearts. Called Cupidtino, an homage to Apple’s home base in Cupertino, Calif. Profile pages on the site reveal such intimate details as earliest Apple product purchases and lists of favorite iPhone apps. Cupidtino is the brainchild of Mel Sampat, a former Microsoft employee, who came up with the idea during an argument with his girlfriend over whether he should use his iPad during dinner.

Sampat told her that if they ever broke up he would date someone who likes Apple products. That got him thinking about creating a site to help connect those who do. The site’s styling is unmistakably Apple-inspired, with a crisp, clean layout, copious use of black, white and gray and text presented in a bold, sans-serif font. So far, Apple hasn’t taken issue with the similarities. Sampat said he received an e-mail from Apple’s business development team in San Francisco, which basically said it was aware of Cupidtino and to let the group know if he needed any help.

Apple spokeswoman Kristin Shuguet said the company had no comment. Your browser lets Cupidtino know what operating system your computer uses, so if you try to access it on a PC it will lead you to a page that apes Apple’s popular “I’m a Mac” ads and lets you know Cupidtino is off-limits from Windows.

Apple dating site

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Sampat is the founder of Cupidtino, a newly launched dating website for Apple fanboys and girls – and one that denies registration to anyone.

For Mel Sampat, Apple’s , orders for its latest iPhone represent a huge business opportunity. Sampat is the founder of Cupidtino , a newly launched dating website for Apple fanboys and girls — and one that denies registration to anyone who doesn’t visit the site via Safari on an Apple device. This isn’t just to keep out the PC hoi polloi — it’s to keep the demographics pure for advertising.

Cupidtino, for the record, is a mashup of Cupid and Cupertino, the northern California city in which Apple is based. The idea for the site came to Sampat, a former Microsoft employee, during an argument with his girlfriend about whether he should use his iPad during dinner. He told her that if they ever split up he’d date a fellow Apple aficionado.

His girlfriend had a Zune when they met; his first present to her was an iPod. And so Cupidtino — which describes itself as “a beautiful new dating site” — was born, linking people who share “personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, taste, and of course a love for technology,” plus an affection for Coldplay and Starbucks.

Yes, the site actually lists those last two. Think perhaps Sampat has been staring lovingly at his iPad for a little too long?

Cupidtino: where lonely Apple fans can find that special connection

In sites to test them, we created a female profile Sarah and a male one Alex , and sent out some messages to see what online come back to us. Here’s what we found. How much it’ll cost you:. Geek 2 Geek:. Click for full-size image.

A personal friend of mine and yes, a Mac user and Apple fan, actually met someone with whom he’s fallen in mad mac love on this site, which prompted me to.

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A Dating Site for Apple Fans Only

Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site. Found via Gizmodo : Cupidtino , the dating site for Apple fanboys and fangirls. If people are starting relationships with hardware, what jurisdiction allows marriage to chunks of milled aluminum? I can just see the first divorce happening now when she’s found the Windows install on your MacBook! I see it more like this: People meet, back-slap in that way that only Apple fan’s still do – reassuring each other over their elite-ness and purchases.

The new dating site for Apple fans. Jemima Kiss · @jemimakiss. Wed 5 May EDT. 7. 7. All the single ladies! Well, if you like it, you’d better put it on.

The brain child of four geeks in San Francisco and Seattle with backgrounds at Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, Cupidtino, is a new online dating site for Apple lovers and Mac users. With around 30, registers users, the site has a look and feel of the Apple site, but no formal affiliation. The creators were inspired by the fact that Mac and Apple fans seem to share a similar aesthetic in terms of style, music, taste and tech At least that’s the supposition. Albeit, one positive case study does not a matchmaker make, but it was enough to get me to investigate a little further.

Since my stats show that my readers are predominantly by a small margin Mac users, I figured some of you might be interested in pursuing this as an option for finding your compatible mate – or as Cupidtino cutely calls them, Macheart.

iPhone 12 release date leaks in devastating blow for Apple fans

Consequently, various iPhone development processes have either been put on hold or are moving along at a much slower pace than usual. Unable to travel to China, its U. The company previously did a test run of that process in January. A similar report from last week said that Apple engineers have been unable to meet face to face with suppliers to help finalize various design elements of iPhone 12 prototypes.

TECH CRUNCH – Jan 13 – Cupidtino, a dating site specifically for Apple fans, is still around. Last night they quietly debuted an iPhone application to complement​.

By Anna Leach. Even in the hearts of Apple fanbois, there’s room to love another human being as well as machinery. But it’s better if the human receiving that love also has an iPad, say those who are presumably experts in the matter. The San Fran-based developers behind the dating site set it up as a semi-joke after one of the guys’ girlfriends accused him of spending too much time with his iPad. But it has found its market and is still going 2 years later. It’s an Apple-only dating site and yes, of course, there’s an iPhone and iPad app and you have to be using Safari on a Mac to register.

If you only have a PC don’t even bother. With about 30, users, Cupidtino remains a niche interest: more mainstream dating sites such as OkayCupid post member figures of 3. But the users come back because they know what they’re getting. Assuming that you, gentle reader, aren’t already a member of Cupidtino, let’s pull aside the smart cover and stare deep into the dark yet shiny world of fanboi lusts and loves. It’s that bloody time of year after all. First things first, fandom is about much more than a preference for very expensive unibody hardware.

Dating website aims to connect Apple fans

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Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common — personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics.

By Matt Evans TZ. The iPhone 12 is coming, but we’re going to be waiting a while. We’re really excited to get our hands on Apple’s new range of phones, which is set to include four different models: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple’s showcases usually arrive in September, but we knew there would be a delay caused by the ongoing global health crisis as supply chains are disrupted across the tech industry. However, we did not realise how long the delay would be.

The leak, spotted by news outlet GizChina , suggests the iPhone 12 range has been delayed by an additional month, and will be launched in November. Apple is hardly alone in this: the pandemic has caused production delays for other major tech companies. Microsoft and Nintendo have both reported difficulties, suspending production of its Surface tablet and some Nintendo Switch accessories, respectively.

We’ve also heard Apple is unwilling to launch its phone in the current climate, preferring to wait when its fans’ priorities aren’t on the pandemic and are back on the iPhone 12 range. Releasing the handsets in November is a smart way to distance the phones from the pandemic’s impact, allow supply lines to catch up with production and get the new handsets out in time for the busy Christmas period.

Cupidtino: A Dating Site for Apple Fans

Do you find the dating services out there a bit too, cluttered, too cheap, and perhaps the UI isn’t quite up to scratch? Die-hard Apple fans will be delighted to know that the Apple lifestyle choice now extends far enough, unofficially at least, to be able to help you find your life partner. Photo by kkilometer on Flickr.

Cupidtino, The.

WHOM do you want to date? A bookworm? A beauty queen? A virgin? A vegan? Yes, even you, mustache fetishists see StachePassions. Singles on major sites like Match.

Apple Lovers Hook Up on Cupidtino Dating Site